You would see from recent events and happening that women from all spheres of life are no longer lagging behind. They are bringing their seats right to the table, they are celebrating their wins both big and small. “Women In The Art” is a platform that celebrates women doing amazing things in the art space.

Art spaces can be categorize into different forms and kinds. Women in the arts is a collective of like minded women  in the creative industry spanning fashion, theatre,  literature film, music and dance.The WIA Festival will highlight core positive outcomes and  norms for Women in the Creative industry through  conversation, networking and performance. It will run  as part of the showcase for Lagos Fringe 2019. It is a platform that encourages creativity among women and girls in Nigeria Africa and the globe.

This Year’s Lagos Fringe Festival Will host the WIA where different issues will be talked about and different things learnt.

We cannot wait to have streams of knowledge flowing from veteran female artists cum creatives during the WIA conference 2019.

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