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The Lagos Fringe 2021


About the Lagos Fringe

Lagos Fringe Festival is an open access multidisciplinary arts festival committed to providing a platform for new voices in the Nigerian creative industry. We support artistes to present a creative mix of theatre, poetry, film, spoken word, magic, cabaret shows, exhibitions, literature, dance and music etc.

Lagos Fringe objectives include increased outreach activities and educational, professional people to people exchange opportunities that will broaden mutual understanding between Nigerian artists and their international colleagues. We also create an open and positive climate for discussion before and during the festival for the advancement of a more educated creative community. The festival is scheduled to hold from November 23-28, 2021 from 9am to 11pm each day. Call outs for applications to participate begin in August 2021. 3


What it would look like…

A series of performances, panels of discussion, trainings, focus groups, music events, virtual conferences and exhibitions starting from 23 November with the ambition to build up to a large-scale Alternative

Music Concert on Friday 26 November 2021 at the Freedom Park. The Lagos Fringe weekend, as we call it, 27th & 28th November, will be full of theatrical performances, music shows, children & Family events as well as a costume party.

There will also be subtle alterations of the existing landscape at the festival hub through art installations, themed lighting, projections and live arts etc. throughout the area in addition to more performative elements.


Our goals…

Lagos Fringe Festival is mostly charitable in nature and have resulted (Directly or indirectly) in the expansion of the creative communities in Nigeria with significant increases in opportunities for artists. Our platforms have given many young talents their first jobs and income. We have underscored significant capacity and motivation among artists to build a better life through empowerment and skill development opportunities. Despite the effort we have made with the festival already there is tremendous unrealized ability to create additional empowerment programs for sustainable economic and entrepreneurship for artists in Nigeria.

Last year, we partnered with the US Consulate General Lagos, Freedom Park, The German Cultural Centre; Goethe Institut Nigeria, The World Fringe Network, Diageo (ORIJIN), Brighton Fringe UK and Pawstudios to deliver on these initiatives.


Lagos Fringe themed days concept…

Literary Day 1 (Opening Day)

Participants and partners will combine in this opening celebration of the diversity of people who have come from across the globe to call Lagos home for the duration of the festival.

Arts & Craft Day 2

Workshops & Training by distinguished artists. Afterwards an Arts & Craft Market exhibition that will be opened to the general public for 5 days

Women’s Day 3

Women’s day at the Fringe will highlight positive outcomes for women in the creative industry. All activities curated, produced, featured and directed by women.


Music Day 4

Workshops & music trainings. Followed by The Alternative Music Concert; an evening of dazzling fiesta of fun, colour and life featuring headline artists with over 2,000 attendees at the festival Hub. The concert will be followed by a brilliant firework display.

Film Day 5

Nollywood Yesterday Conversations, panel discussions, workshops, and film screenings. Short films and feature length films will be screened all through the festival at the hub.

Fringe City Day 6

Fringe City will bring the family together for a day of fun in one of the largest outdoor and indoor family festivals in Nigeria. With over 50 exhibitors, production companies and partners, Fringe City will showcase extraordinary exhibitions in theatre, food, dance, film, photography, fashion, arts, crafts, music, literature, games, and comics.

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