Fringe Festival is an open access multidisciplinary arts festival committed to developing new voices in the Nigerian creative industry and so far has presented over 150 shows and 350 artistes combined. The festival primarily uses non –theatrical, unconventional spaces to increase the reach and access to theatre to communities and audiences with limited access to arts and culture as well as for artists to be able to present their work with limited resources.

This initiative follows Nigeria’s goal and policy to strengthen human capital to promote inclusive economic growth and development via entrepreneurship, women’s empowerment, youth engagement, and cultural exchange.

Now in its 3rd year and in light of the recent pandemic, we will be presenting a robust programming for both online/virtual and live interactions with social distancing measures in place. The dates for the festival are Tuesday 17- Sunday 22, November 2020. Call outs for participation have started.

Lagos Fringe will deliver this project through;

  1. Showcasing and wrap-around activitiesLagos Fringe will support artistes to present a creative mix of theatre, poetry, film, spoken word, magic, cabaret shows, exhibitions, literature, dance and music etc.
  • Performances
  • Artistes Mix and Networking
  • Co creation activities
  • International exchange
  • Live streaming of training and shows (locally and internationally)


  1. Professional DevelopmentThere will be opportunities for a 5day development training that willfocus on learning through a series of conversations, workshops and networking events with established facilitators from the US, UK, Germany, Belgium, South Africa and Nigeria. Certificates of Participation will be presented by sponsors and the Advisory Board.
  • Development in creative entrepreneurship for 30 Women in the Arts.
  • Online Dramaturgical Lab with 5 theatre makers.
  • Creative Business and Entrepreneurship Clinic for aspiring creative entrepreneurs and professionals between the ages of 16-35.


  1. Lagos Fringe Awards –Lagos Fringe presents awards of merit to deserving members of the creative community and to the best shows during the festival week.


Lagos Fringe is inspired by the need to;

  • Improve the livelihood of artistes in Nigeria.

Targeted Participant

  • Professional Artistes; 16-35, 35-60
  • Amateur Artistes; 16-35
  • Aspiring Artistes; 16-35
  • Student Artistes; 16-35
  • Children; 7-10, 11-15
  • General Public
  • International Community

“Our overall objective for hosting this year’s festival in the light of the pandemic is to send a positive message to the creative industry and artists communities that while Covid19 is still very much around and social distancing will be here for some time too, we have to devise very practical ways to still earn our living by adapting to our new realities. All our festival events will be presented with health and safety protocols intact”. – Festival Director, Kenneth Uphopho.


Health & Safety Protocols At The Live Venues

  • Social distancing measures will be implemented a week before the festival begin and during the festival week.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting will be a constant feature at the festival hub and all the venues. Sanitation and disinfection of common and high-traffic areas
  • There will be limited number of audience allowed to each show.
  • Audience and guests will be required to have their temperature checked before entering the space.
  • Face masks & Shields will be worn at all times and if they do not have, one will be provided at the gate. No mask no entry policy will be in full swing with compliance monitored by festival staff and designated health workers.
  • There will be numbered seats set 2 meters (6 feet) apart to avoid audience shuffling around the space looking for a seat.
  • Festival team will design a way for people to get to their seats while maintaining the distance limit.
  • Separate entrances assigned to the different events based on where their venues are located,
  • Spread out parking spots and sanitizing stations.
  • Training for festival team & Volunteers
  • Cleaning protocols and access to PPE for the staff at the gates.
  • Design data capture policies and procedures for Isolation& contact tracing following positive coronavirus tests

Live Venues

  • Our plan is to implement social distancing-friendly infrastructure and policies to try to create safety around in-person events.
  • Festival team is planning to use wooden pallet fences six feet apart at the venues to create 12-foot aisles. We are also putting tape marks and stickers on the grounds to indicate how far apart people standing should be from each other.
  • Physical events attendance will be limited to 50% capacity across all the venues and virtual components will be important for keeping events both financially viable for the performers and accessible to more audience.
  • Virtual events have also gained traction but remained monotonous and static in presentation so we are redesigning our online presence to reflect more interactive movements and excitement from the live venues.
  • We will devise a new flow for processing guests and audience as well as specific sanitation policies for each festival department.
  • Getting rid of problematic festival goers is actually a part of the standard operating procedures for the Lagos Fringe Festival already and enforcing the rules by removing bad actors during the festival is certainly a possibility. The Lagos fringe festival reserves the right of admittance as a policy so audiences who may not be inclined to follow the rules or problematic will be removed from the festival grounds.

 Food & Beverage

  • When it comes to Food & Beverage at the Lagos Fringe festival events, there will be seated dining option available with individual water bottles at the Freedom Park food court with 40% capacity. We will set up columns of two chairs each with six-foot aisles in between, and ensure increased distance between chair rows – which is essentially a theater setup with an increased number of aisles with taped lines on the floor to demarcate six-foot distances.
  • An alternative option will be pre-packed meals that festival attendees pick up from the available vendors at the festival grounds or have boxed meals already placed at their seats at the event.
  • We will also advise in our pre festival orientation that guests bring their own food to the festival grounds as a last resort.

These safety protocols will be implemented whether or not the restriction recommendations by the government are still in place at the time for the festival.


FRINGE CITY– Friday 20-Sunday 22

Lagos Fringe Festival flagship rollercoaster event will bring the family together for 3 days of fun in one of the largest outdoor family festivals in Nigeria. With over 40 exhibitors, production companies and partners, Fringe City will showcase extraordinary exhibitions in theatre, food, dance, film, photography, arts, crafts, music, literature and comics.

This event is a combination of three sub festivals which includes; Street Food Fiesta, Jazz & Poetry fiesta and the Lagos Literature festival.

There will be vendors showcasing delicious dishes and tasty treats. Audiences will learn some cooking tips and experience live cooking demonstrations with the vibrant sounds of jazz, pop music &very good theatre performancesbringing the hub to life. Fringe City will hold at the main festival hub from Friday 20 – Saturday 21 November 2020.


FRINGE KIDS- Saturday 21 – Sunday 22

Fringe Kids will run alongside Fringe City on Saturday and Sunday as a special treat for children. Local dance and music groups will take to the stage while kids are entertained. This will be followed by games and activities to encourage physical activity for the kids. There will also be a special movie screening.



Women’s day at the Fringe will highlight positive outcomes for women in the creative industry. All activities curated, produced, featured and directed by women. Some of the activities include; music, film, panel discussions with Women in the Arts, Theatre and exhibitions.



Alternative Music Concert will be an evening of dazzling fiesta of fun, colour, lights and life featuring artists with attendees at the festival Hub. This concert will run alongside the fringe city on Friday and will be followed by a brilliant fireworks display to top off the night, ensuring we are in the mood for the holiday season.



Lagos will experience breath taking theatre performances and co creation pieces from professionals all over the world. Classic plays and experimental work will also be on display throughout the 6-day period.  There will be short film screenings, feedback sessions where film makers will be on ground to engage with the audience to share their process and motivations.

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